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VIC state places with letter L

On this page you can see the list of all the cities, towns and suburbs in Victoria starting with the letter L. Click on the place name to see map and postcode. Places in Victoria with letter l:

La Trobe University postcode

Laanecoorie postcode

Laang postcode

Labertouche postcode

Laburnum postcode

Laceby postcode

Ladys Pass postcode

Laen postcode

Laen East postcode

Laen North postcode

Lah postcode

Laharum postcode

Lake Boga postcode

Lake Bolac postcode

Lake Bunga postcode

Lake Charm postcode

Lake Condah postcode

Lake Eildon postcode

Lake Eppalock postcode

Lake Fyans postcode

Lake Gardens postcode

Lake Goldsmith postcode

Lake Lonsdale postcode

Lake Marmal postcode

Lake Meran postcode

Lake Mundi postcode

Lake Powell postcode

Lake Rowan postcode

Lake Tyers postcode

Lake Tyers Beach postcode

Lake Tyrrell postcode

Lake Wellington postcode

Lake Wendouree postcode

Lake Wongan postcode

Lakes Entrance postcode

Lal Lal postcode

Lalbert postcode

Lalor postcode

Lamplough postcode

Lancaster postcode

Lance Creek postcode

Lancefield postcode

Landsborough postcode

Landsborough West postcode

Lang Lang postcode

Lang Lang East postcode

Langdons Hill postcode

Langi Kal Kal postcode

Langi Logan postcode

Langkoop postcode

Langley postcode

Langsborough postcode

Langwarrin postcode

Langwarrin South postcode

Lansell Plaza postcode

Lara postcode

Lardner postcode

Larpent postcode

Larralea postcode

Lascelles postcode

Launching Place postcode

Lauriston postcode

Lavers Hill postcode

Laverton postcode

Laverton North postcode

Law Courts postcode

Lawler postcode

Lawloit postcode

Lawrence postcode

Leaghur postcode

Learmonth postcode

Ledcourt postcode

Leichardt postcode

Leigh Creek postcode

Leitchville postcode

Lemnos postcode

Leneva postcode

Leonards Hill postcode

Leongatha postcode

Leongatha North postcode

Leongatha South postcode

Leopold postcode

Lerderderg postcode

Leslie Manor postcode

Lethbridge postcode

Lexton postcode

Licola postcode

Licola North postcode

Lillico postcode

Lillicur postcode

Lillimur postcode

Lilliput postcode

Lilydale postcode

Lima postcode

Lima East postcode

Lima South postcode

Limestone postcode

Lindenow postcode

Lindenow South postcode

Lindsay postcode

Lindsay Point postcode

Linga postcode

Linton postcode

Liparoo postcode

Lismore postcode

Litchfield postcode

Little Desert postcode

Little Hampton postcode

Little Lonsdale Street postcode

Little River postcode

Llanelly postcode

Llowalong postcode

Loch postcode

Loch Sport postcode

Loch Valley postcode

Lockington postcode

Locksley postcode

Lockwood postcode

Lockwood South postcode

Loddon Vale postcode

Logan postcode

Londrigan postcode

Long Forest postcode

Long Gully postcode

Longerenong postcode

Longford postcode

Longlea postcode

Longwarry postcode

Longwarry North postcode

Longwood postcode

Longwood East postcode

Lorne postcode

Lorquon postcode

Lovely Banks postcode

Lower Moira postcode

Lower Norton postcode

Lower Plenty postcode

Loy Yang postcode

Lubeck postcode

Lucknow postcode

Lucyvale postcode

Lurg postcode

Lyal postcode

Lynbrook postcode

Lyndhurst postcode

Lyons postcode

Lyonville postcode

Lysterfield postcode

Lysterfield South postcode