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NSW state places with letter R

On this page you can see the list of all the cities, towns and suburbs in New South Wales starting with the letter R. Click on the place name to see map and postcode. Places in New South Wales with letter r:

Raby postcode

Raglan postcode

Rainbow Flat postcode

Rainbow Reach postcode

Raleigh postcode

Ramornie postcode

Ramsgate postcode

Ramsgate Beach postcode

Rand postcode

Randwick postcode

Rangari postcode

Rangers Valley postcode

Rankin Park postcode

Rankins Springs postcode

Rannock postcode

Rappville postcode

Rathmines postcode

Ravensdale postcode

Ravenswood postcode

Ravensworth postcode

Rawdon Island postcode

Rawdon Vale postcode

Raworth postcode

Rawsonville postcode

Raymond Terrace postcode

Raymond Terrace East postcode

Razorback postcode

Red Head postcode

Red Hill postcode

Red Range postcode

Red Rock postcode

Red Rocks postcode

Redbank postcode

Redbournberry postcode

Reddestone postcode

Redfern postcode

Redhead postcode

Redlands postcode

Reedy Creek postcode

Reedy Swamp postcode

Reefton postcode

Regents Park postcode

Regentville postcode

Reids Flat postcode

Reidsdale postcode

Rennie postcode

Renwick postcode

Repentance Creek postcode

Repton postcode

Reserve Creek postcode

Retreat postcode

Revesby postcode

Revesby Heights postcode

Revesby North postcode

Rhine Falls postcode

Rhodes postcode

Richlands postcode

Richmond postcode

Richmond Hill postcode

Richmond Lowlands postcode

Richmond Raaf postcode

Richmond Vale postcode

Rileys Hill postcode

Ringwood postcode

Riverina Msc postcode

Riverlea postcode

Riverside postcode

Riverstone postcode

Rivertree postcode

Riverview postcode

Riverwood postcode

Rixs Creek postcode

Rob Roy postcode

Robertson postcode

Robin Hill postcode

Rock Flat postcode

Rock Forest postcode

Rock Valley postcode

Rockdale postcode

Rockley postcode

Rockley Mount postcode

Rockton postcode

Rocky Creek postcode

Rocky Glen postcode

Rocky Hall postcode

Rocky Plain postcode

Rocky Point postcode

Rocky River postcode

Rodd Point postcode

Rollands Plains postcode

Rookhurst postcode

Rookwood postcode

Rooty Hill postcode

Ropers Road postcode

Ropes Crossing postcode

Rose Bay postcode

Rose Bay North postcode

Rose Valley postcode

Rosebank postcode

Roseberg postcode

Roseberry postcode

Roseberry Creek postcode

Rosebery postcode

Rosebrook postcode

Rosedale postcode

Rosehill postcode

Roselands postcode

Rosemeadow postcode

Rosemeath postcode

Roseville postcode

Roseville Chase postcode

Rosewood postcode

Roslyn postcode

Rossglen postcode

Rossgole postcode

Rossi postcode

Rossmore postcode

Rothbury postcode

Roto postcode

Rouchel postcode

Rouchel Brook postcode

Roughit postcode

Round Corner postcode

Round Mountain postcode

Round Swamp postcode

Rous postcode

Rous Mill postcode

Rouse Hill postcode

Rowan postcode

Rowena postcode

Rowlands Creek postcode

Royal Exchange postcode

Royal North Shore Hospital postcode

Royalla postcode

Rozelle postcode

Rufus postcode

Rugby postcode

Rukenvale postcode

Running Stream postcode

Run-o-waters postcode

Runnyford postcode

Ruse postcode

Rushcutters Bay postcode

Rushes Creek postcode

Rushforth postcode

Russell Lea postcode

Russell Vale postcode

Rutherford postcode

Ruthven postcode

Ryan postcode

Rydal postcode

Rydalmere postcode

Rydalmere Bc postcode

Ryde postcode

Rye Park postcode

Ryhope postcode

Rylstone postcode